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Medical tourism

Medical tourism

The State Budgetary Institution of Healthcare “Chilrden’s Clinical Multidisciplinary Center of the Moscow region” of the Moscow region Healthcare Ministry is a third level medical organization that provides  a wide range of  specialized medical services for kids from 0 to 18 years old, including high-tech medical care.

The Center includes two consulting clinics based in Moscow and Moscow region, department of full-time inpatient facilities, in-patient departments, sanatorium and specialty centers.

We have both highly skilled specialists and modern conditions and equipment to provide high-tech medical care for children with unspecified diagnosis, orphan diseases and advanced forms of illnesses insusceptible of medical treatment in local hospitals:
•    pediatrics
•    neurology
•    cardiology
•    allergology-immunology
•    endocrinology
•    audiology
•    otorhinolaryngology
•    dermatology
•    gastroenterology
•    ophthalmology
•    nephrology
•    urology-andrology
•    traumatology orthopedics
•    medical genetics
•    pulmonology
•    hematology,
•    sports medicine,

Also, the clinic provides assistance to children with: rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, cystic fibrosis, infantile cerebral paralysis, autism, orphan diseases, chronic viral hepatitis, allergic and immunological illnesses.

The departments are equipped with up-to-date facilities for high-quality diagnostics and treatment of different therapeutical diseases. A full range of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics is provided by the clinic:
•    Laboratory tests
•    Ultrasound of various organs and systems, including eyes,
•    Neurosonography,
•    Radiography,
•    Coherence tomography and electrophysiological examination of the eyes,
•    ECG, Holter monitoring and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring,
•    Echocardiography,
•    Electroencephalography,
•    Respiratory function,
•    Dermatoscopy,
•    Audiometry, impedancemetry.
The multidisciplinary hospital provides hospitalized patients with various chargeable services such as conservative treatment of different diseases. We offer all sorts of planned medical care along with comfortable conditions of stay.
Paid services center is to organize consultatory, diagnostic services and hospital treatment for Foreign citizens according to  a contract with an individual for prompt cash. We offer comprehensive programs of check-up. 

Medical care is provided in accordance with the medical practice license No 0093140 dated 03.06.2018  issued by the Healthcare Ministry of  Moscow region. 

Contact Information for Foreign Visitors:

St. Comintern, 24A — 1, Mytishchi, Moscow region, 141009
E-mail addresses [email protected]